Pre-sales have ended

The DS product question ebook is now included in both packages sold on the takehome challenge site

Pre-sales have ended. You can now get the DS product question ebook by buying one of the packages on the main site

Have a Look at a couple of Q&A samples:

The same author previous book sold more than 5K copies in 18 months

The DS takehome challenge book helped me so much get a data scientist job at Facebook!Menghan Xu

The DS challenges were perfect to prepare and helped me get a DS job at Pinterest!Dorna Bandari

Why this book?

As part of the 1:1 coaching I offer on the main site, I would ask candidates to send me the questions they were asked in the on-site/phone interviews and I collected them on a private twitter account.

From that collection of questions (and this can also be verified by checking on Glassdoor), it is obvious that data science interview questions are often about:


Such as the famous Facebook question: "Should I add a love button?"


"I am launching this new feature, which metric should I use to see if the feature is successful?"

Case studies

"How do I improve engagement on FB?" or "How do I improve host response rate at Airbnb?"

A/B Testing

"FB wants to test a new algorithm to recommend friends. How can I design a test to see if the new algo is successful? Why can't I just randomly split users in test (new algo) and control (old algo) and compare their behavior?"

DS candidates are often really surprised by these kinds of questions and don’t know how to answer them. To my knowledge, there is currently no resource that explains how to answer these questions and many people asked me if I could create one.


How does this actually work? If I pre-order, when will I be charged and get the book?

You will not be charged when you pre-order. You will be charged when you receive the book, i.e. on Nov, 7.

What advantage do I have in buying via pre-order vs just waiting until it is published?

The book will never be sold independently for just 59$, except for during this pre-sale. That is, it will be only sold as part of a several hundred dollar package including other stuff. So, if you are only interested in this book, this is your only chance

What are the ebook actual questions?

There will be 40 questions and answers in the ebook.

The questions will be taken from this private twitter account, focusing on the product questions. If you want to see the current list of questions, just send a follower request, and I will add you.

Some other question examples are: “Give an example of a case in which you run an A/B test. Test wins with significant p-value, but you still choose to not make the change.” or “How would you use data to evaluate if it makes sense to implement two-step authentication when users log in?”.

If you are interested in a specific question that you don’t see there, just tweet your question @DS_JobInterview (or a private message) and I will add it to the list of question candidates.

If you want to influence the final choice of questions, just favorite or retweet a given question. I will definitely pick the questions with the highest number of favorites/retweets.

Is this book for me?

This book is for you if:

  • You are interviewing or planning to interview for a data science position (I know, this is very surprising…)
  • You have to hire data scientists and are interested in getting question ideas as well as ideal answers to objectively evaluate your candidates
  • You are interested in transitioning to data science and want to know what data scientists actually do and which problems they try to solve
  • You are a product person (product manager or product executive) and would like to know about best practices to have a data-driven product development strategy

I have other questions not addressed here!

Feel free to ask any other questions by emailing here.


Giulio Palombo worked as a data scientist for several high-growth Silicon Valley tech companies, the last one being Airbnb. In his career, he interviewed hundreds of DS candidates at top tech companies.
He also wrote the book the book A Collection of Data Science Take-home Challenges that has sold >5K copies in 18 months.
On the site home page, you can find all info about the take-home challenge book, testimonials, etc.

Pre-sales have ended. You can now get the DS product question ebook by buying one of the packages on the main site