What are the ebook actual questions?

There will be 40 questions and answers in the ebook.

The questions will be taken from this private twitter account, focusing on the product questions. If you want to see the current list of questions, just send a follower request, and I will add you.

Some other question examples are: “Give an example of a case in which you run an A/B test. Test wins with significant p-value, but you still choose to not make the change.” or “How would you use data to evaluate if it makes sense to implement two-step authentication when users log in?”.

If you are interested in a specific question that you don’t see there, just tweet your question @DS_JobInterview (or a private message) and I will add it to the list of question candidates.

If you want to influence the final choice of questions, just favorite or retweet a given question. I will definitely pick the questions with the highest number of favorites/retweets.